Dispute Resolution Practitioner

I am an international lawyer who provides mediation related services.


When disputing parties appoint me as their mediator, I help them to create effective settlement solutions. Such settlement agreements, address enforceability issues under relevant laws, including the Singapore Convention on Mediation.

Mediation Advocate

For parties without legal representation, I can be engaged as a mediation advocate. In this role, I will attend mediation sessions and negotiate on their behalf.

Case Advisor

For parties unfamiliar with mediation or arbitration, I can be engaged to assist a party, or their representative, on the required mindset, strategy, and performance. The scope of this work can also include project management of the dispute to be mediated or arbitrated.



As an internationally qualified arbitrator, I am available for arbitration panel appointments. When disputing parties appoint me as their arbitrator, I ensure there is an efficient process for resolving their dispute. Any final decision on the merits of a case will be issued as an arbitration award. Such awards will be legally enforceable under relevant laws, including the New York Convention on Arbitration.



When required by parties, I will design a Med-Arb process that utilizes both mediation and arbitration to ensure there is a final resolution to their dispute.



I regularly provide private mediation and arbitration coaching/training to clients, or their legal representatives, who may be unfamiliar with international mediation or arbitration.



  • Accredited Mediator (SMC)
  • Qualified Arbitrator (CIArb)
  • Legal practitioner (Supreme Court of NSW)